A Perfect Sunday

The weather is incredible and I’m just hanging out with the puppies. We are in the middle of puppy selection so I thought I’d share a few details. 

This is the most current version of our waiting list. If there is a check mark through the circle, that family has been matched to a puppy. 

We have matched 4 pups from our first two litters. 

Paisley litter rom L to R – blenheim female available, black/tan female available, golden male with white blaze matched, golden male available. 

Chantel litter from L to R – golden female matched, blenheim female looking away matched, blenheim female looking forward available, sable/white female matched. 

For those interested, we weighed the pups today at 5 weeks old. The rule of thumb is that you can quadruple the 8 week old weight to get a guesstimate of the adult weight. These pups should range from 12-16 lbs as adults. 

They will be ready to go home June 16-22 and after that there will be a charge of $100/week that they are here. 

There are new videos of them on FB as well as our newest litter from Scarlet. 

Paisley Pups

Chantel Pups

Please send questions to:


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