Quick Update

Dooman, the Colorado puppy, now lives in Rhode Island. They are loving him and he is settling in well. 

The blenheim from the Paige litter found a home in Chicago. He’s also settling in well.  He was so cute for his final photo!

The last Paige pup went home last night, and yesterday BOTH of our pregnant moms in the nursery had their puppies. 

These babies will go home in mid June (June 16th).  I need to hear from everyone on the waiting list to know if this timeframe works into your timeline. That is the first decision. We can discuss color and gender later. 

I’ve heard from a few families via FB that they are ok with this timing. Hoping to hear from everyone else as well. 

Here is the updated Waiting List…

If you’ve sent a deposit and don’t see your name, it’s simply because it has not arrived yet. It will be added as soon as it arrives. 

Thanks again for everyone’s support!  Happy Monday. 

Still Looking

This little guy is still looking for his forever home. His price is $1600 and if he needs to be shipped, shipping is $425. Some of you have contacted me via a comment left on the last blog post. I will not respond to those. You MUST send me an email. Thanks again for your interest. He is an amazing puppy. He’s in the house with us and using his potty pad like a champ. He is going to be an amazing dog. 

Available Blenheim Male Pup

Hey Everyone!

This is the last pup from the Paige litter and he is looking for his forever home. Everyone on the waiting list is waiting for a different color or they’re wanting a girl, so he is available to anyone that is interested. 

He is 9 weeks old and ready to go this Friday. Since this is short notice, we are willing to ship him to cut down costs of buying a last minute plane ticket. 

He is very playful and happy. He’s eager to explore and then ready to snuggle when he’s tuckered out. He should grow to be from 15-20 lbs as an adult. He has soft apricot coloring on his ears and a bit on his back. He has a nice wavy and thick coat and will be a typical shaggy looking Cavachon. 

Please send an email to silverpawcavachons@gmail.com if you’re interested and ready for a puppy this Friday. I’m really hoping he can go home this week so he’s not the last one left alone in his litter.  I will not respond to messages left on this blog post. You must send an email. 

This is a picture from last week. He’s on the right. 

And these are from today. 

Denver Puppy

I am overwhelmed with gratefulness towards all of you that have reached out about Dooman. We are working with a family at this time but I will definitely respond to more people that have emailed if anything changes.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Dooman is in good hands now and he should be heading to his new home very soon. 

Available Pup in Denver

This is Dooman. He is an accelerated male Cavachon puppy that just flew to Denver last Friday. His family is not able to keep him and we are looking to place him in a new home. 

We would love to find a local family that can drive to get him, but we will fly him again if we have to. 

He is very loving and friendly. He likes to snuggle and he loves to play!   He is 14 weeks old and current on his shots. We are selling him for a little less than his original accelerated puppy price. He is going to be an amazing pet for someone. 

Please send an email to silverpawcavachons@gmail.com if you are ready for a Silver Paw puppy. There is no waiting list for this puppy.