Denver Puppy

I am overwhelmed with gratefulness towards all of you that have reached out about Dooman. We are working with a family at this time but I will definitely respond to more people that have emailed if anything changes.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Dooman is in good hands now and he should be heading to his new home very soon. 

Available Pup in Denver

This is Dooman. He is an accelerated male Cavachon puppy that just flew to Denver last Friday. His family is not able to keep him and we are looking to place him in a new home. 

We would love to find a local family that can drive to get him, but we will fly him again if we have to. 

He is very loving and friendly. He likes to snuggle and he loves to play!   He is 14 weeks old and current on his shots. We are selling him for a little less than his original accelerated puppy price. He is going to be an amazing pet for someone. 

Please send an email to if you are ready for a Silver Paw puppy. There is no waiting list for this puppy.