Update on Gracie and New Litter News

Thank you to everyone that was interested in Gracie. One of our families on the Waiting List stepped forward and decided to give Gracie a home. She will be with her forever family tomorrow. 

She has been great fun helping me in the greenhouse and I know she is going to be very loved in her new home. 

As for future puppies, we currently have 14 puppies that will be ready to go home in June and July. We are matching them first to those on the waiting list. 

If you’ve contacted me about getting on the list and I haven’t responded, please try again. I prefer email whenever possible. 

Be watching the FB page for updated video of the current puppies. Here is a quick peek at our newest litter, Cavachon mother and Bichon father. 

From L to R…super light gold male, solid sable male, sable/white male, super light gold male, black/white female. None of these pups have been matched yet. 

Of the previous litters, the following puppies have been matched:

Large gold male-Diana

Gold female-Luke

Sable/White female-Tasha

Blenheim female-Most likely one will go to Joy

Black/Tan female-pending to Deb

We will confirm the “maybe’s” in a week and move down the list again. People need to book flights, so we will need to nail things down very soon. 

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