Draper is Homeless Again

I don’t understand why this lovely little dog is still here. 

He is 5 months old. He has been neutered. He has been handled a lot since he was a puppy. He has had a couple homes lined up that fell through. I know there is a family out there who will love Draper and give him the home he deserves. He will be a perfect match for someone. 

He is basically a “phase 2” Accelerated Puppy, yet without the full cost. He walks on a leash, does stairs with ease, sleeps in a crate, and is a gentle spirit and loves to cuddle. He loves the kids at school and he is a pleasant little guy to have around. He needs final potty training and that’s about it. 

He is from Abbey’s litter, born in Octover 2015. You can scroll back to read his story. 

He has a Health Certificate (his 3rd one), and he can go home any day. He was scheduled to fly to JFK this Friday, but plans had to change. 

(Before he was groomed last week)

His price is $1250 (1/2 the price of a phase 2 Accelerated Puppy), $300 for his neuter, and $425 for shipping if that is necessary. ($1975 total). This price is firm. 
Please call me if you would like to give Draper a forever home. 



12 responses to “Draper is Homeless Again

  1. I have two litter mates from the abbey litter…brother and sister. If I could handle one more, draper would be my choice! His siblings are WONDERFUL! Smart, affectionate, playful, people oriented, eager to please…even our vet is in love with them. Some lucky person needs to grab this opportunity!

    • Thanks for making the comment as my husband and I are wanting to adopt dear little Draper so it is nice to hear his litter mates are happy and in good health!! Wish us luck!!!

  2. Hi Kristy, Annie, the first puppy I got from you was diagnosed with syringomyelia a couple months ago. I’ll probably have to put her down in the next couple years. Evelyn seems fine. I wouldn’t mind having the little guy, but you need to understand I just spent $1,100 on an MRI to confirm her diagnosis. I’m retired. If you want him to have a good home, I’m available. Thanks, Scott Aspmn

    Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2016 01:42:28 +0000 To: scottaspman@msn.com

  3. I was interested in Draper too but after reading the comment from Scott that he will lose his dog prematurely because of a condition it was born with I believe he should get to have Draper. Syringomyelia is hereditary and common in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

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