Hi Everyone!

It’s getting closer to puppy selection time with Chantel’s litter and I want to try something new!

Do you all have Periscope?  Do you know what it is?

I’m not an expert but I do know this…Periscope is a way for me to video the puppies and you all can watch live, while its happening, and ask questions and make comments in real time. 

I think this will be an amazing tool for puppy selection and I’m excited to try it this week. I’m considering the early evening hours, maybe around 5 pm (PST) on Thursday, March 17.  That is tomorrow!

My Periscope name is Grace Without Tears (for now) if you want to follow me and get the notification when the video begins. 

I have never done this before as the presenter, but I have taken part in Periscopes as someone watching and commenting. I expect it will be an adventure. 

I hope to see you all tomorrow night!  Chantel’s pups are 4 weeks old and starting to move around and play with each other!