Next Monday

I have a lot of emails in my inbox and I want to let you all know I will respond to them next Monday!!  I’m in charge of a fundraiser event Saturday night, involved in an extra curricular teaching activity most of Sunday, and then in charge of food for a dinner event Sunday night. I’m in survival mode for the next 3 days, but I will answer your emails soon!

I can give you a quick update about the new puppies!  Chantel’s litter is looking fabulous and we have 5 gorgeous Cavachon pups!!

I will post photos of them next week. 

I asked to hear from everyone on the waiting list and this is what I have so far. If the number is not marked in any way, it’s because I haven’t heard from that family yet. 

I just need to know if you might be ready for a puppy in April, or if you need to wait for a future litter. 

We have 2 black/white females, 1 gold female, 1 dark solid sable female, and 1 blenheim male. 


I’ll come up for air again on Monday!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Available Puppy

This adorable solid sable pup is still available. If you are on the pre waiting list, this could be your opportunity to get a pup sooner, rather than later. 

He is the last pup from Abbey’s litter and his name is Draper. You can scroll down the blog and read more about him. 

He has been health cleared by both of my vets and he is ready to go anytime!!  Please email if interested.

He’s the cutie on the right!!

I apologize for any typos.

Updated Waiting List

We have new puppies that will be ready in April. If you see your name on this list, I need to know if the timeline of a puppy going home in April is going to work for you. 

Chantel’s litter will be 8 weeks old on April 13, and they will be 13 weeks old on May 18. The first step to puppy selection is deciding if the timeline works with your schedule. If it does, we want to know so we can circle the number by your name. We’ve already heard from two of you via FB, thank you for your quick response. 

We also need to hear from you if you will not be ready, so we can move down the list to the next person. I’d love to hear from all of you within the next couple days. 

I want to shout out to anyone who actually sent a deposit, but doesn’t see his/her name on this list. Let me know if any of you fall into that category and I will get things straightened out. 

And finally, some of you are on our pre-waiting list. This list does not require a deposit and I will be in touch with you when I’m ready for you to actually send a deposit. 

If you have any questions, please send an email to:

Thanks and I will post photos of the babies in a couple weeks. 

Updates Updates Updates

Hi Everyone!

It’s time to give you all some updates on what is happening here at Silver Paw Cavachons. 

I’m just going to post a simple numbered list. Here we go…

1.  There are 2 available Cavachon puppies from Abbey’s litter and I just uploaded 3 videos of them on our Facebook page. I have one family to hear back from on the waiting list, but after that, they are available to the general public. 

Please be sure you scroll down in this blog and read about their medical history. All is well and they have been given a clear bill of health from my 2 vets, but I want all potential buyers to be  informed regarding their medical history. 

The golden pup on the left is a female, and the solid sable male on the right is “Draper”.

2.  Chantel is pregnant and in the nursery. She is due around February 21st and we are really hoping for a litter with no complications!  I’ll keep you updated as she progresses.   She is bred to a black/tan male Cavalier so we could get any color of puppies. 

3.  The Waiting List is basically full. We have 20 deposits in hand and I don’t want to collect any more money until a litter is born and puppies are matched to their families. 

Because we still have such a strong interest in our puppies, I have started an informal waiting list that does not require a deposit. Send me an email if you’d like more info regarding this informal list. 

I will post a photo of the official waiting list soon. 

4.  Available Male Bichons. We still have 2 male Bichons looking for new homes. These boys are very playful, friendly, and they are ready to go any time!  They come from AKC parents, but I did not register the litters, so these pups will be sold without papers. 

5.  If you have emailed us recently and not received a response it is because we have no new puppies at this time and a very long waiting list with only one litter on the horizon. It is possible that we will have several litters born in late spring and ready to go home early summer, but those are only guestimates, and you never know exactly what will happen. Plus, we already have 20 families waiting. At this time we are only accepting names for our secondary waiting list and we don’t have an estimated wait time for when puppies will be available to those just getting on the waiting list now. 

Please send questions to our email at, or give us a call at 509-936-2715. Thanks for your interest in our puppies!