Putting the Puzzle Together

Puppy selection is fun, hard, agonizing, frustrating, exciting, too slow, too fast, disappointing, heart melting, and absolutely fulfilling, not to mention all the emotions you all are feeling!!

I just sent this email. It’s a perfect example of the jumbled mess of puzzle pieces this process is, while in the midst of it. 

Do not despair, the puzzles do get completed, and the end result is always happy and joyful. 

Enjoy a look into my side of the process!!

Vivian wants the sable/white with more color from the Jesse litter. Linda wants that one too, so might end up passing on Abbey’s s/w to wait for one with a more symmetrical face in a future litter. She will tell me today. Kristen is for sure taking one of Justyne’s blenheim girls. Stephanie wanted a golden girl?? Daniella has been matched to the black girl. Jacqueline liked the mis marked female from Jesse’s litter. Erin is still thinking, but likes the Jesse girls. I think there will still be at least 1 female when we get to your name, possibly a golden one? This part of the process gets really complex until the puzzle pieces fit into place. 

That’s the best I can tell you right now!!”

5 responses to “Putting the Puzzle Together

  1. So it sounds like the S/W from Abbey’s litter may be available when it gets to me and if she is I would love her. She’s such a cutie. If not I hope the mostly white one from Jesse’s is still not taken. You have a lot of coordination and its so organized.

  2. Hi Kristy,
    This may help narrow your challenge…no Goldens or Blen’s for me, so looks like a spring baby for me maybe.
    Thanks for all the hard work though,
    Kathy Scardina

  3. Hi Kristy, May have left this msg on site already but couldn’t find it… Anyway just to let ya know: no Golden or Blen’s for me so looks like Spring for me. Thanks, this has got to be challenging to say the least! Kathy

    Sent from my iPad


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