Sneak Peek

Abbey’s litter

 Two golden females

One Sable and white female

Two solid sable males

One blenheim male
Justyne’s litter 
Three blenheim females

One black female

One black-and-white male

All puppies are settling in nicely. Now we wait and watch them grow! 

Waiting List 10-22-15

Here we go!  My last draft was from July and I’ve asked for all of you to let me know your status, and most of you did!!  Thank you!

The list is still pretty deep, but you never know the circumstances in people’s lives and how the selection process will pan out until it actually happens. It is not uncommon for someone brand new to slide in and snag a pup, ahead of everyone on the list simply because a particular pup was not the right color or gender or the timeline wasn’t quite right for those waiting. 

And this brings me to a special request regarding Christmas being around the corner. I will be asking that you choose your puppies a little sooner than normal because I have people asking me if they can get a Christmas puppy. I will need to know ASAP if you are going to pass on the current litters, so I can tell new people if we have Christmas puppies or not. 

Below is the old list, the new list, and the genders and colors of puppies that were just born. We also definitely have 2 more pregnant females, due the 25th and 29th of this month. After that, we are looking at early spring before we will have more puppies ready to go home. 

If you are on the waiting list, please email me and let me know if you have any interest in the current litters based simply on the color and gender combinations.  This is not a final decision, just a rough draft of what you’re interested in.  I’d like to hear from all of you, even if you are passing on these litters. Puppies will be ready to go home starting December 15. 


Also, if I don’t have any details near your name, please email me with color/gender preferences as well as any timeline needs you may have (for example, you have a family vacation planned and you can’t get a puppy till after a certain date).
Thanks and I’ll post pictures soon! 

And We’re Back…

After a much needed break, we have Cavachon puppies!!  If you emailed us in the past 2 1/2 months and we never responded, check your email now!  I just sent out 58 emails, responding to some that emailed me back in August. I’m terribly sorry that I basically went silent. I just needed a break and we didn’t have puppies, and I just couldn’t take any more deposits for unborn puppies. But all that has changed now that puppies are born and more are on the way!!

Right now we are only working with those on the waiting list and we will post an updated photo of the waiting list on Thursday. You can get on the waiting list by calling us. The phone number will be in your email after you reach out to us. 

I’ll post pictures of the puppies once the litters are settled in. We also have a couple more pregnant moms so this is looking to be a very busy November and December for us. 
We anticipate that some of these puppies will be Christmas presents, and if that is the case, we need to start talking now!  Please keep in mind that puppies shipping in the dead of winter can be delayed due to weather, so we will need to work closely together if you also live in a colder part of the country. 

I am very hopeful that the puppies born will be just the right colors and genders for what everyone is waiting for!  I’ll post updates soon!  Thanks again for being so patient as you wait!


* I meant to publish this a few days ago, but just found it here unpublished. Enjoy it a little late!!

This is a quick note to let you all know that I’ve been gone on vacation and will respond to all of your emails soon!  To expedite this, resend your email so it pops to the top of my list. Thanks!
We had a fabulous time in CA delivering the golden female, biking the Golden Gate, and visiting with family we haven’t seen for 9 years. 

Heading to the airport…

Puppy traveling under the seat!  

She never made a sound.   

Golden Girl goes to her forever home!


Waiting for the Vallejo Ferry 


So much fun riding across the Golden Gate. I would recommend this to anyone who visits the city. A huge thank you to the Lin family who made this possible for us to do!

We rode all the way to Sausalito then took a ferry back to the Ferry Building. We passed very close by Alcatraz. Taking a tour of that will be on my list the next time I’m in the city!

Of course we poked around Pier 39. I brought home some fun spices and we bought grapes that must have cost $0.10 per grape!  But they were quite tasty!

And I can’t forget that we ate at In-n-Out twice!!  They don’t have them where we live. 

And during all this time, my emails got piled deep, so thank you for your patience and I hope to respond to everyone very soon. 

It was a fabulous break for our whole family!