Paige Litter Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone on the waiting list!

I’m getting emails from people wondering if there are any Paige puppies still available.

From what I can tell, after Desiree and Cathy decide, it looks like there are still going to be 2 male pups from the Paige litter, as one of the sable/white boys has already been matched to Laurie S. 

Desiree is looking at the solid sable female and Cathy is still deciding. Unless I hear from others on the waiting list, I’m going to move forward with the new emails as these pups will be ready to go home in a few weeks!!

Their 4 week videos are on our FB page and I will be doing new videos on Wednesday. They are adorable right now, starting to eat solid food, and starting to protest of we don’t hold them and let them play outside in the straw!

Here is the most recent and updated  Waiting List. 

Red star means interest in the Paige pups, “X” means pass on this litter. “Fall” or “2016” means pass on this litter.  “F” means they want a girl puppy and since we only have potentially available males left, that is a pass as well. 


These pups have been matched already.  The dates are 8-13 week ages for puppies going home. 

We also had Sammy mating with either Poppy or Paisley (new girls in our breeding program), so we will hopefully have a litter of small puppies born in September and ready to go home in November.  I will know soon enough which mom it is. My son saw them mating and didn’t know which white dog it was!!

That is all the news on available and upcoming litters for now!  

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