Heat and Puppies Flying

I’ve spent a significant amount of time today getting preliminary info about puppy flights for the Jazzy & Roxy pups, and we are facing some potential challenges with the heat. As a general rule, if the weather forecast is above 85 degrees, the airlines won’t take puppies on the flights. There are some exceptions, and sometes we get down to an hourly forecast to squeeze a puppy through. 

I just wanted to give everyone who has a puppy flying in July a heads up that we will need to make adjustments for the weather and a pup may have to arrive fairly late at night in order to fly. 

I am currently working on the New Jersey (S/W F Jesse pup) and San Francisco (Blen M Jazzy pup) flights and I’ll be in touch soon via email to talk about details (if I haven’t already).  

Thanks for your flexibility on this!

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