Available Puppies

There are 4 new videos on FB of our available puppies.  They are also pictured below. 

These puppies are available to anyone with a qualified home. They have already gone through the waiting list so those that are not yet on the waiting list can inquire about these pups. 

After these 3 pups find homes, we are expecting a Cavachon litter in September and 2 Cavachon litters in October. When new puppies are born, we will start at the top of the waiting list with each litter as we match puppies to their forever families. 


Golden Female

Tri male

Black Male

Quick Update

Hi Everyone!
I’m behind on responding to emails. School started this past week, which means I’m working part time now, so it’s taking a bit to find my new routines with work and fitting in puppy time, cleaning, and correspondence. It doesn’t help that my husband is gone in CA with his mother, and helping her through the loss of her husband (and hubby’s father).  So, I’ve been taking care of everything solo, and just the basics are getting done (food, water, poop, vet, groomer when needed).  He gets back home today so the load will lighten up for me and I will have time to attack my deep email list and respond to everyone. 

If you want a quicker response, just resent your email and that will pop you to the top of my list. Right now my focus is on placing the last black pup from Chantel’s litter, and then I’ll get serious about the 2 available pups in Maggie’s litter. 

We’ve had some mating activity this month so we should be having a couple Bichon litters and a Cavachon litter born in October with puppies ready to go home around Christmas. We also have a Cavachon litter due in September and Paisley is definitely pregnant. 

Thank you all for your patience as I settle into the new school year. As expected, there are extra things to do after school during the first week so that has cut I to my dog time as well. But do know that all the basics are happening, and things should be more normal next week. 


Maggie’s Litter Puppy Selection

Hey everyone!

It’s time to talk about Maggie’s puppies, and specifically the Tri colored male and the golden female (the black/tan female is not available right now). 

Is there anyone on the waiting list that would like more info about these 2 pups?  We also have a small black male from the Chantel litter that is looking for his forever home. Please send me an email ASAP to let me know.

If I don’t hear from you, I will assume you are passing and I will be moving forward with new people that have been inquiring about this litter. 

I will upload a new video of them sometime this evening and I will put videos of the Paige & Chantel pups up as well. 

Looking forward to fall, we will be having a litter from Justyne & Sammy, due next month, and Abbey & Rocky have just mated so we should get puppies from them in October, and ready for Christmas!

We also have a Bichon Frise litter that will likely have a couple puppies  available. 

Looking forward to connecting with you soon! 

Maya Update

Maya is a wonderful pup and we couldn’t be more excited to have her as our new addition. She’s amazing and has the best personality, so easy going. She’s pretty close to potty trained which is so awesome. She goes in both her litter box and outside in the backyard. Just recently she’s taken up digging and my backyard has a couple of holes. 🙂 We’ve also taken her to a senior’s home with my mom and they all started to fight over who could hold her first. Everyone asks what breed she is and I direct them to your site so heads up you might have more Canadians on your wait list. 🙂

Here’s a photo I took yesterday, she’s on her 10th week.


Maya is from the Jazzy/Colby Litter!


Current Waiting List

Hey everyone!  I haven’t had time to be on my computer to update the waiting list, so I thought I’d just post it here. This is the current and updated list. If you want me to change anything by your name, please let me know. 

We still have the 3 black pups from Chantel’s litter, and there is a tri male, black & tan female, and golden Female available from Maggie’s litter. 

I will update with new videos soon! 



I’ve had a few people recently having relatives sending deposit checks. I just found one and I don’t recognize the name (I’m terribly sorry).  I’m pretty sure I need to shred this check because a new one for the final amount was written instead, but I’m not sure. Help me out if Lolita from CA sent a $300 deposit for your puppy, and send me an email so we can square this away. So sorry for the inconvenience!!  Thanks!