And Cooper Too!!

How did I miss Cooper?  He went home last week as well!

“We finally decided to name him Cooper….We made it home just fine. He slept the whole time and the stewardesses told me I could take him out of his crate and hold him on our Seattle to Los Angeles flight. 
Just got back from our vet and he too deemed him to be a very healthy little 3 lb 4 oz guy. 

I just want to thank you again. He is just perfect. Already using his potty box, slept fine in his crate last night without an accident and just a joy. He hasn’t been home 24 hours and we are just in love. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Linda J”

Puppies Going Home, New Videos, and What to Anticipate!

Hi Everyone!

We’ve had a busy week at Silver Paw with lots of puppies going to their forever homes.  


Jazzy Black Female


Jazzy Solid Sable Female, Roxy Blenheim Male


Jazzy Golden Female

Sable & White


Jazzy Blenheim Male


Jesse Sable/White Female

All of the Jesse pups are now gone, the last Roxy pup goes home Tuesday, and the last Jazzy pup is staying in our Accelerated Puppy program.  I now have 2/9  puppies to pick up after and I feel like I’m on vacation!!

We still have a nursery full of cuteness and there are new videos on Facebook of Paige, Chantel, Penelope, and Maggie’s litters. Be sure to head over there and check them out. 

We have gone completely through the waiting list for both Paige and Chantel’s puppies, so we are extending the adoption process out to those that are not on our list. The following puppies are still available:

Solid Sable Male Paige Litter

Solid Sable Male Paige Litter

Black Male Chantel Litter

Black Male Chantel Litter

Black Female Chantel Litter

We are still evaluating the Penelope puppies to determine if we will be keeping any, so watch for updates as there are certain to be a few Cavalier puppies available in the coming weeks. 

Maggie’s litter is just 2 weeks old and we will be working with those on the waiting list first when puppy selection comes around for the Maggie pups. 

We recently moved our two Bichon girls Paisley & Poppy in with Sammy and he has bred with Paisley. This will be her first litter and we are anticipating small (parents are both under 15 lbs) Cavachon puppies in a rainbow of colors in September. These puppies will be ready to go home in November for those dealing with a Fall timeline!

We are also looking for homes for several retired adult Bichon Frise females. They are spayed and will have dental work done before they leave. Our adoption fee for retired adults is minimal and these are nice dogs that would love to hang out with you on your couch!

That’s everything for now. I will leave you with this meme… 


…or dogs!!!  Happy Summer!