Quick Update

We have lots of puppies and lots of interested potential buyers. If you have sent us an email in the past couple of weeks and we have not responded, please send it again to bp it to the top of our email list. We were gone on vacation last week to Washington, D.C. and I’m sure a few have slipped through the cracks.

We left our business in the hands of our capable teenage children (ages 19 & 17), and everything looks super well cared for and all puppies are growing well and lots of eyes are now open!

Sending a deposit to get on the waiting list is the only way to get one of our puppies. The fastest way to do that is to give is a call. 509-936-2715

We are able to ship puppies so if you have inquired and we said we cannot ship, things have changed and we’d love for you to contact us again.

We have a sable/white female available now and the rest will be ready in late May or early June.

I will be checking with those on the waiting list first, then posting photos of available puppies once they are 5 weeks old.

One response to “Quick Update

  1. Hi Kristy,

    Just making sure, I am on your puppy list and that you received my check in the mail :-)?

    Best, Désirée

    P.S. Welcome back, can’t wait to see more pics of your puppies!

    Sent from my iPhone


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