Summer Weather, Shipping Pups, and Puppy Selection

This message is for those on the waiting list who will have their puppy shipped to them. I need to speak with you on the phone. Hot weather can make shipping tricky and often late night arrivals are our only option as we get deeper into the summer months.

The majority of the current puppies will be going home in mid June or July so if I am shipping your puppy, I’d like you to touch base with me so I can start planning ahead.

I also want to speak with my families in Texas as it might be possible for me to coordinate a trip to Dallas to deliver puppies in person later this summer. I believe we have one Accelerated Puppy that will be heading to Texas.

The next couple weeks are going to be crazy busy as puppies will be weaned and I will be coordinating delivery and pickup for the majority of the waiting list. Thank you in advance for your patience. This will be a big job with a lot of details.

I hope to update videos of the younger litters today and begin the puppy selection process on the remaining litters. Please be watching the website as I may use it to contact the next person on the list so we can connect.

Thanks again to all of you that will be giving our puppies a loving home.