Productive Day

Today has been a flow blown puppy day! It began last night when I gathered all the supplies for three puppies to go to their forever homes…food samples, shot records, heart toys, blankies, collars/leads…everything that goes home with each puppy was packed in the little paw print bag and ready for an early morning.

We woke up and hit the floor running. Daryl had to take 3 puppies to Spokane, to meet two buyers, and put one puppy on a red eye flight tonight to Boston. I had to get 3 litters ready for visitors, and do the normal morning doggie chores. We also had to get Daryl’s truck, a chore we were not expecting to need to do, but life happens, and that delegated task fell back into our laps. That sucked up over an hour of my morning, so I was not able to bathe Lilly’s litter before visitors came eagerly into our home.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Krista, Ashley, her friend, Nanci, and Tabitha! Smiles were everywhere as everyone held puppies, exchanged puppies, looked at puppies, hugged puppies, and came to their final decisions about which puppy they wanted for their forever friend! The process is so much fun, especially when it’s done in person!

I had a great visit with everyone, and once the decisions were made, everyone was on their way, and the house was quiet again. I snapped a few pictures of the sleeping heaps of puppies, and then took the younger litters back to their mamas.

Insert photos here.


Princess Litter



Rosie Litter

Tomorrow, Lilly’s litter is 6 weeks old, so it is time for their 6 week spa day. I’ve just finished giving them their bath, and they are now under the blowdrier.





Lilly’s girls before the bath!

Next it’s picture time, and finally I’ll update the website page about Lilly’s litter. Somewhere in the middle of that, I’ve snacked on some peanut butter crackers, and had a few drinks of water. I’m ready to take a nap, but I have to get the pictures done while there is still some natural light outside, shining into the house!

It’s been a very productive day!

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