Today Was The Best Day

I just loved today!

Having people come to our home in person to pick up their puppy is always a special treat. It used to happen a lot when we lived in California. But now that we live in the sticks, the wilderness, the boonies, having someone actually brave the distance and brave the roads is just plain special.

But today was extra-ordinary! Today TWO lovely ladies made their way up our dirt road, through our front door, and they found Love! Does it get any better than this?



I just love meeting my new puppy owners in person! It makes me smile!

Today was the best day!!

5 responses to “Today Was The Best Day

  1. Absolutely the best way to pick a puppy. That’s why we DIDN’T make our way into the boonies, down the dirt road when we were in Washington last fall. I would have come away with an armload full 🙂

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