Blankies & Lupine


I am so excited to show you a new feature from Silver Paw Kennels! I have been looking for just the right fabric and I finally found something that I love!



Introducing Blankies for your Silver Paw Puppies! They are 100% flannel, durable, cozy, and can be washed and dried with ease! The puppies love them and make little nests with them for extra coziness!



Each Silver Paw Puppy that goes home with a crate will also receive a Blankie! The airlines will allow a small blanket in the crate, but they will not allow a small toy. By sending a Blankie, the smells of home can go with the puppy without the danger of a small toy being chewed and ingested.



W!e have even coordinated the colors with the free Lupine Collar and Lead that also goes home with each puppy!


I’m so excited to provide this little touch of special! I hope everyone likes them as well. I know your puppies do!

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