Fields of Gold

The landscape is golden right now! We have had the most glorious fall days this past week, but winter is beginning to take hold with icy fingers!


This quaint cabin is just up the road from our home. The owner allows us to use this field for our horses which is especially nice in the summertime when it’s full of tall, green grass!


The fall colors are spectacular right now, and the air is crisp, clean, and cold!


The skies are a brilliant blue with scattered puffy white clouds, and the sunshine still feels warm on the skin!


But winter is edging it’s way into our corner of life. We had our first snow last Thursday, and the pass still shows the evidence!


We were dusted lightly with about an inch of snow, but it has all melted now.


But there is still snow on the pass. It’s always coldest up there, and the snow always stays there longest. I really don’t want snow till AFTER Thanksgiving. Once Thanksgiving is past, bring it ON!!

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