4-H Practice

The weather is great and I’m sitting here watching Kaelyn’s 4-H practice. She is really excited about being in the fair this year with Shinanigan. Today she is working with Blade the mustang.

Kaelyn is in pink!

George and his pup.

Learning how to stand with your horse in front of the judges.  These kids are all preparing to show their horses at the NE W*shington County Fair this fall.

This is one, big, velvety black, with touches of neon feathers, PROUD Rooster.  He is head honcho in the flock, and simply gorgeous looking, and he knows it!!

Barn Cat

Baby Geese learning how to swim in the horse trough.

Lots of critters keeping me company while I watch!!

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2 responses to “4-H Practice

  1. I love all your pictures. Your cat looks a little like the one we just lost. Have any kittens?That rooster looks pretty cocky. har harChloe

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