Home Canned Breakfast Toppings

This is a pretty typical breakfast for us…nothing really new or amazing, but a satisfaction in eating things we’ve canned ourselves!  I made whole grain pancakes and topped it with almond butter.  It’s not homemade, though I know how to do it, but conveniently from Costco.  My kids don’t like it, so I get it all to myself!!  Then I added some home canned applesauce, and some homemade raspberry syrup! 

I just discovered that I can pour the juice off the home canned raspberries, add a little sugar, thicken with cornstarch, and make a delicious, sweet, syrup for pancakes.  No more Log Cabin in this house!!  We grow raspberries in an abundance, can over 100 quarts each year, so I should always have a yummy supply of raspberry juice to make raspberry syrup. 

And finally, I topped my creation with Cool Whip.  The eggs are storebought, but we should have our own eggs by the end of the summer, and the orange juice is frozen from a can.  It was a great breakfast!!

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