On the way to Church…

Lake Roosevelt is WAY DOWN this year, lower than we’ve ever seen it.  As a result, the ferry between Gifford and Inchelium has been closed down, so we had to drive all the way around to go to church each week.  We aimed for just church, so our drive could be a little later in the morning, as well as be a little more relaxed.  On this day, we decided to stop at one of the campgrounds and take some pictures of the “islands” in the middle of the lake!

Wildflowers are starting to bloom around here!

You can’t really see the depth of this, but this is the point where the kids jump off the rock cliffs into the water.  I was very happy to see that there are NO big rocks hiding below the dark water.  We have never allowed them to dive, even after trying to check it by swimming the area and diving down, but now that we’ve been able to see it with NO water, I guess I can relax a little bit!  Still don’t really want them to dive, but at least I know there are no big rocks for them to hit.

 This photos really shows how low the water is.  Normally, it is more than half way up this cliffside.

 It was a pleasant stop, and who knows when the water will ever be down this low again.  

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