If You Are New

I’ve been posting a lot today on both this blog and my Facebook page. It has generated a lot of interest both from those on the waiting list, and from new people. 

If you are new, there is a very tiny chance that maybe one of these puppies could be available, but the chance is small, and even smaller for a female. 

If you are interested in a Silver Paw Cavachon, the best way to get one is to get on our waiting list. Send an email for info on the process. 

We will have more puppies in the spring and next summer!

Putting the Puzzle Together

Puppy selection is fun, hard, agonizing, frustrating, exciting, too slow, too fast, disappointing, heart melting, and absolutely fulfilling, not to mention all the emotions you all are feeling!!

I just sent this email. It’s a perfect example of the jumbled mess of puzzle pieces this process is, while in the midst of it. 

Do not despair, the puzzles do get completed, and the end result is always happy and joyful. 

Enjoy a look into my side of the process!!

Vivian wants the sable/white with more color from the Jesse litter. Linda wants that one too, so might end up passing on Abbey’s s/w to wait for one with a more symmetrical face in a future litter. She will tell me today. Kristen is for sure taking one of Justyne’s blenheim girls. Stephanie wanted a golden girl?? Daniella has been matched to the black girl. Jacqueline liked the mis marked female from Jesse’s litter. Erin is still thinking, but likes the Jesse girls. I think there will still be at least 1 female when we get to your name, possibly a golden one? This part of the process gets really complex until the puzzle pieces fit into place. 

That’s the best I can tell you right now!!”

This is What We Have

All of our Cavachon litters have been born and there are 18 puppies to choose from. Two have already been matched to their families which leaves the following 16 puppies still available for adoption. 

This is how I keep track once puppy selection has taken place. The sticker is removed and then placed in my planner with the basic info for the family. 


It is at this time when deposit checks are cashed and money is no longer refundable. 

I need to double check the spelling of Daniela’s last name, (that’s why it isn’t finished yet). 

This is a quick updated version of the waiting list. 


(We lost the Blenheim F from the newest Roxy litter, and the Sadie & Daisy pups are Bichons)

The “circled” names are those that are ready now. Shannon and Janice should also be circled. It’s a lot of little details to keep up with and sometimes photos are snapped before all the info is completely in place. 

With 16 available puppies and 23 (plus) on the waiting list, not everyone will get a pup this time around. 

I plan to post photos today of Abbey’s litter of 6 and get some final answers from anyone that is interested in her litter. 

I can’t wait any longer due to families wanting puppies for Christmas and/or wanting to book flights to pick up their puppy in person BEFORE Christmas. Flight prices are going to get crazy for those traveling in cabin the longer we wait. 

Stay tuned for major cuteness overload!!

And as always, let me know if you have any questions. 

When The Birth Doesn’t Go As Planned

Tuesday, November 3, 12.05 am…one of the mothers in the nursery WON’T STOP BARKING. 

12:15 am…I went out there to see what the trouble was. Puppies are due, so I figured I would find puppies born. Likely the noise was another mother barking at the one giving birth. 

But all I found was a nervous mom, digging in her litter box and nesting in her wheping bed. No visible contractions. Temperature 100.5, not a soon to deliver puppies temp. 

1 am…I went back to bed but the dog started barking again as soon as I left.  I was not interested in getting an email from the neighbor regarding the noise. We had to figure out something. 

1:15 am…Hubby said he’d go out and sleep in the nursery.  So he did. Dogs were quiet once he was out there. 

6am…hubby already back in the house, still no puppies. 

8am…I ran out to check on the nursery before heading out to work. Pre-labor mother having dry heaves. This was not normal. I felt concerned. 

8:15am…I asked my boss if I could quickly slip out at 10 to go home and check on the mother-to-be. He said yes. 

10:15 am…mother still hasn’t delivered, no visible contractions, still vomiting spit and bubbles. She actually seemed in good spirits though, not lethargic at all, and still very energetic. 

10:40 am…head back to work, but call vet regarding the situation. They said if nothing changed by noon, I should bring her in. 

10:45 am…back at work, asked boss if we could rearrange afternoon schedule to accommodate my taking my mother dog to the vet. They gave me the flexibility. So thankful for a job that understands the need for me to drop and run at times. 

11:45 am…back home to pick up mother, head to vet. 

12:15 pm…arrive at vet, drop off dog and sign all paperwork regarding tests, blood work, and probable c-section. Due date was Oct 29. Babies need to get out!!!  Dog finally has several visible contractions. Maybe she’ll have these babies after all!

12:30 pm…run into market to pick up last minute items for evening meeting appointment regarding stuff for my daughter’s school. 

1 pm…head back to work. 

2 pm…receive phone call from vet. They are doing an emergency c-section. I am hopeful something might still be alive inside mama, but I’m prepared for the worst. 

2:45 pm…head home and prepare food for evening meeting potluck.  Do a few chores around the house. Rest for a few moments. 

4:30 pm…receive call from vet. Mama and puppies are doing well. Puppies??  I’m amazed and delighted we have puppies. I didn’t ask about colors or genders or numbers. 

5:00 pm…leave for vet. Pick up mama dog and 3 beautiful babies. She only had 3.  They were all alive!  Apparently the biggest one was blocking the way and wouldn’t come out. Poor little mama, but she was resting peacefully in the crate and the puppies looked perfect and strong. 

5:30 pm…get home and settle mom and babies into 1/2 bath with space heater and cozy whelping bed.  Marvel at how beautiful the babies are, check genders, and feel very thankful for modern medicine that saves lives. 


Waiting List Update and 1 Puppy Matched

Hey Everyone!

Thank you so much to all of you that have responded to my requests about letting me know if you’re ready for a December puppy!  I have directly heard from all but 3 people on the list and that is very encouraging!

I have great news for those at the bottom of the list and for those that are asking to get on the list now!  We have 11 pups and 7 confirmed families on the waiting list interested in these puppies. This leaves 4 available puppies still, pending what the last 3 families decide!

Again, as you look at this list, if your name does not have a line or a circle, please get in touch with me and let me know what your plan is. Current puppies will be ready starting mid December. 

To review, a line means that family is waiting for a future litter, a circle means that family definitely wants to consider one of these current puppies, and a red circle means a puppy has been matched to their forever family!!

Congrats to Elizabeth D and family who have been matched with the black/white male puppy from Justyne’s litter!  Because the only family ahead of her is Kristen P, and I know Kristen wants a female only, I was free to move forward with the next family!

I’d like to shout out to Stephanie because we do have golden females and I know that Kristen and Linda are looking at other colors!  Jenna, I’d love to hear from you as well, so I know how to plan with the families below you on the waiting list!

For all of you just contacting me now, I can’t give conclusive answers regarding which puppies are still available just yet, but I think it’s safe to say there will be a couple still available after I work through this current waiting list. Let me know  if you have any questions!