Puppy Availability Update

We have THREE.

Two Cavachons, a girl and a boy. Both blenheim in color.

And a black/tan male Cavalier.

Here they are!

Female Cavachon
Male Cavachon
Black/Tan Male Cavalier

The Cavachons are ready next week. The Cavalier is ready now.

Travel options:

1. You fly or drive to us in the Spokane area to pick up.

2. We deliver en route from Washington state to Southern California next week. Time sensitive as our trip begins next Tuesday or Wednesday.

We’d sure like to find forever homes for these last three pups. We won’t have new pups until late spring/early summer 2023.

Reach out via email if you’d like more info.


Kristy 😊🐶🐾

One response to “Puppy Availability Update

  1. I wish!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭 Miss Moki so much! Just not ready yet. 



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