Sophia Litter Selection

Hi Everyone!

It’s time to start gathering names for the Sophia litter. I’m sorry to say that we just have two puppies now from her litter, but both are growing well and will be ready for their new homes after December 29th.

Both of the puppies are girls and I expect them to be in the 10-14 lb range for the blenheim and around 13-16 lbs for the golden girl. Mom Sophia is a 12 lb Bichon Frise and dad, Kingsley, is a 17lb black/tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

I’m going to attach a link below. This is how I’m planning to gather names for these puppies. This link will be live until noon on Friday, December 11.

At that time I will take all the names from all of you that are interested in these pups…all of you that filled out this form below, and I will put those names in waiting list order. Then, I will begin calling at one o’clock to match the Sophia pups to their forever homes. I will FaceTime with those that are able and/or send a video so you can see the puppies in action.

Since there are two pups, this will be done pretty quickly. Please be sure you’re available on Friday to talk on the phone or make prior arrangements with me.

I am not able to ship these two pups, first because they are going to be too small, and second, because they are ready during prime holiday travel time and there is an embargo on shipping puppies in cargo. You will need to fly here and travel with your puppy in the cabin of the plane or drive to pick her up.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Here is the link to the Google form. It asks basic questions that help me have all my information in one place on puppy matching day. If you are on our waiting list, you can fill out this form. Please double check your number since it asks for that information.

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