New F1b Puppies

Good Morning Everyone!

I’m back from music tour and the Scarlett and Roxy pups were both born while I was gone. Here is a quick first look.

These are the Scarlett babies.

She had 11…did you hear that–ELEVEN–puppies. This is our largest litter EVER in the history of Silver Paw Cavachons. Since Roxy just had 4 pups the very next day, we fostered two of the Scarlett puppies over to Roxy.

The Scarlett pups here are the solid sable on the far left and the sable/white on the top right.

All 16 new puppies are doing well which is such a blessing!

We will start taking names for these individual puppies once I figure out who all are boys and girls. I know Scarlett had at least 7 girls.

The fun will begin again soon. I don’t have weight guesstimates yet. Scarlett is a 20 lb dog and Roxy is a 15 lb dog. Dads also range from 15-20lbs as well.

Looking to hear from my waiting list people ASAP regarding timelines and if you are waiting exclusively for an F1 puppy. No future litters confirmed at this time but I know they should be showing up by mid summer.