Scarlett Pups Update

We have 4 Scarlett pups still available. There are two boys and 2 girls. The girls had a recent bath.

Female “Yellow”.

Female “Red”

The boys. “Green” and Tri Boy.

The boys have a smoother coat while the girls are fluffier.

They are all 9 weeks old and ready for their new homes.

It’s also time to match the Roxy and Maddie pups. I’m waiting on one waiting list member to make a decision about the golden girls and then we can move forward with matching them. I’m also needing to do new videos of the litter to finalize the selection process.

Beyond the current puppies, we have 2 pregnant females in the nursery, one with an F1b litter with Charlie, and one with an AKC Bichon Frise litter.

And that should wrap up our 2018. The new pups that are born will be going home in February, 2019.