Scarlett Fluffballs

It’s a dreary and grey Sunday but our kitchen is brimming with available puppies. A few of you have been asking about more photos of the Scarlett pups so here are a few very quick snaps. This is before their bath and these are the ones with curly hair.

This is “Yellow” one of the girls.

This is “Red”, the other girl.

And this is the Blenheim Boy.


I’m loading a quick video of them on FB as well.

I’ll post their “after” pictures in another blog post.

These puppies are ready NOW! They are 8 weeks old, the most loving, gentle, friendly personalities that you can imagine, and they are good healthy, hearty pups that will make wonderful family pets. Please email us if you’re interested. Better yet, just call. 509-936-2715. You do not need to be on the waiting list to take one of these pups.

Can’t wait to hear from you!!!

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