Waiting List Updates

The Kenzie litter is completely matched! Here are all the waiting lists with everything current.

The next litter to be matched will be the Justyne puppies. They are going to be med-large puppies. Their list will close August 27th and I’ll put all the names in waiting list order and begin contacting people.

Thanks to all of you that are following closely!

This was me this morning with the Kenzie boy!

Waiting List. Sorry it’s scribbled! I’m away from home and didn’t have my list pad to write a new one after matching the Kenzie pups. A couple others made different plans as well.

Kenzie pups, final match.

Justyne pups

Pearlie pups

Chantel Pups


2 responses to “Waiting List Updates

  1. Hey Kristy! Such an adorable pic of you and that sweet pup! Thanks so much for your update. You don’t even want to know how RIDICULOUS my fam is about watching out for EVERY SINGLE post you do. It’s even funny to me😆. Two things that I wanted to bring to your attention. 1) Please take me off of Justyne’s Black female. 2) Your last update showed new lists for both Pearlie and Chantel and I thought you said it was in order. My granddaughter (teen) brought it right down to me and gave me this in order- LOL! I couldn’t believe that she did this. Sooooo my next question is, are your names on the last “puppy lists” (not your main list) still in order and correct? Hannah, my granddaughter that sent you the video of our “Lucy” made up her little list of what she thought is the top 3 for each pup that we are on the list for. Please don’t think we are telling you how to do your job- there is NO WAY we could even come close, but my Hannah is watching like a hawk at every move and questioning me! Haha! I told her that I would just email her concerns to you. Don’t get me wrong… all of us are pretty excited, but Hannah is beyond Thanks so much! Sincerely Debbie Bakalar Sent from my iPhone


    • I love it!! Since I responded by phone call, I’ll make a note here. The order is random on the individual lists until you see numbers! Once the names are numbered, I’m still just writing names down as they come in. Hope that helps!

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