Updates and New Litters

Hi Everyone!

Here is a quick update about what is happening around here.

First, four puppies are leaving tomorrow! We still have a pretty full nursery, but puppies are older and will be leaving in the next few weeks. After tomorrow we will have the Sophia litter, Chantel litter, two from Pearlie, and the Jesse large white girl. Allie’s litter is also there as well as a very pregnant Roxy.

Our C-section litter is doing very well. Here is a sneak peek at the four babies from Paige.

L-R sable/white F, Blenheim F, golden M, and blenheim M.

We did not lose any puppies from this emergency c-section and Paige is recovering beautifully, though she hates her pills and it’s a battle twice a day to give them to her. Take note…feed your puppy as it’s growing up bits of hot dog, cheese, or whatever will be your food of choice when you need to hide a pill. That way when the time comes, your dog will never even know there is a pill hiding because he/she will be so used to eating that treat just for fun.

Roxy is in the nursery and looks like she will deliver any day.

Scarlett is definitely pregnant and I know a couple of you have expressed interest in her puppies. She is a Cavachon bred to a Bichon, so her litter will be F1b puppies.

Allie’s pups are doing well and are 3 weeks old today.

And finally, the last puppy from all those previous litters that is not spoken for yet is Pearlie’s sold sable boy. We are keeping him as an accelerated puppy so if anyone is interested in getting him at 13 weeks, around April 15th, let me know.

I think that covers all the litter news. I am wrapping up 3rd quarter at school and also preparing for an extended trip with my youngest child over spring break. There are so many details that have to be put into place when I’m gone, so I just haven’t been able to do baths and pictures/video updates. Please trust that everything is going well here and we are focusing on the daily needs of the puppies.

If I sent you an email asking to talk on the phone this week, please do give me a call. I want to make sure everything is lined up for when I’m gone.

These two little munchkins are leaving tomorrow morning! They are the golden puppies from the Pearlie litter.

3 responses to “Updates and New Litters

  1. Thanks for the newsy update. Glad to hear that all is well in puppyland. Also I think we are seriously interested in the Upcoming Scarlett babies

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