What’s Left

Hi again!

I’m here to keep everyone updated on the progress of puppy selection and to highlight what we still have left for puppies.  We have been working on matching the Pearlie, Abbey, Sophia, and Chantel puppies and here is what we still have left.  For Pearlie’s litter, we have the solid sable male and the blenheim male.  For Abbey’s litter we have the sable/white male.  Sophia’s litter still has the golden female and the solid sable female, and Chantel’s litter has all been matched.

I have a family that wanted to see the comparison between Pearlie’s and Sophia’s blenheim males so I have made a video of that and will be sending it their way this evening.

A word about the Sophia litter.  These are the SMALLEST puppies we have EVER had.  EVER.  The weight range at 5 1/2 weeks old is from 15 oz (Molly the sable/white) up to 1 lb 5 oz (the large golden girl and the solid sable male).  These puppies will NOT be going home at 8 weeks old and will stay at least until they are 10 weeks old.  They will not be getting their shots at the regular 7 weeks old and we are starting their worming schedule late due to how small they are.  They are spunky, playful, and while they look “dirty” due to the fact that we are giving them very softened food that they step all in, they act like normal 5 week old puppies and play and fight with each other.  I am posting the video I took of them this afternoon on their litter page.

The Abbey male is a hoot!  He gives kiss, has an always wagging tail, and he is feisty and fun and energetic.  He is about 2 lbs right now at 6.5 weeks old so he will be from 10-15 lbs as an adult.  He is brimming with personality and will do well in an active family.

The Allie puppies now have a live litter page.  You can see their first baby photos and get an idea of their markings and size difference.  They are both sable/white females and I believe there are a few people on the waiting list that might be quite interested in these two girls.

I think I’m pretty up to date with the waiting list, so aside from the blenheim boys and the possibility of the solid sable girl being chosen by people on the list, and those that I think could be interested in the Allie girls, I think the rest of the puppies are available to those on or off the list.  If you want more information about a puppy, please send us an email at silverpawcavachons@gmail.com.  Please do not leave a comment on this blog post.

I will be reaching out to those getting Pearlie and Abbey puppies very soon as they will be ready to go home this weekend and the following week and I want to line up travel dates so I can be sure everyone goes to the vet on time.

I also need to be sure I’m pre-planning for the Chantel pups and when they will be going home so please reach out to me and let’s talk about travel if you’re getting a Chantel pup.

The Sophia pups will be ready at the earliest by April 6 when they are 10 weeks old.)

The Jesse pups, named “Poppy” and “Pappy” (no, they didn’t know they were naming their accelerated puppies almost the same name) are the sweetest girls and we are starting them on their crate training and hoping to get them out on leashes very soon (it’s still a little too muddy).

I think that is everything for now.  I’ve had a really busy week at school and things won’t let up till after March 15th.  We are being evaluated this year and it is requiring more of my time than usual.  Thank you for your patience if I don’t have a new video up each week between now and March 22nd.  Know that all the daily needs of your puppies are being taken care of as our first priority, and photos and videos will come as I’m able.

The snow is melting and spring is on the way!

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