Litter Updates for Paisley and Kenzie

I’m happy to let everyone know that both puppies in the Paisley litter have been matched.

We will begin puppy Selection for the Kenzie litter next week.

5 responses to “Litter Updates for Paisley and Kenzie

  1. How do you arrive at the names for the litters? Is it based on the parents? Do you know how many pups will be in the Kenzie litter? Where am I on the waiting list?

    • The Kenzie litter is from the mother dog named Kenzie. There are 4 puppies in the litter. There should be a video here on this blog post and one on the fb page. I’ll post an updated waiting list soon.

  2. Kristy,

    Are you going to have any puppies possibly ready to go in March? I have a trip coming up on either the first or third week of March and was hoping that maybe that would match up with an available pup since I will already be down in that area. Was hoping to be traveling in February but that didn’t work out. I know i am on the list for a Tri or Blk/Tan female but might have to be a little more open☺ Love seeing the videos of the new babies!!

    Rosalie Crump Ketchikan, Alaska

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