Big Fat Update

Things have been moving along and it’s time to show and tell what we have right now!

First, all the available girls have been matched to their families. 

We do still have some male pups, four to be exact, and they are available to any families as we have worked our way down to the bottom of the waiting list. 

Here is our updated list. 

Here are the available litters, and the matched puppies as well as the four male puppies that are still looking for homes. 

The Abbey blenheim male can be a Christmas puppy as he can leave anytime now. 

The Roxy boys are young still, but can go home in January. There is a blenheim, gold, and red pup still available from the Roxy litter. They are all boys. 

There are videos of all of these puppies in our FB group. 

We are not beginning puppy selection with the new Jazzy litter yet. She had 2 babies this week, a sable/white female and a golden male. 

We also have an 8 week old Bichon Frise male that is looking for a forever family. He is also in a video on our FB page. 

Those that are still on the waiting list, if you are interested in any of these male Cavachon puppies, please just let us know. 

The selection process always takes longer than expected, bit I’m happy to say we are caught up for now!

If you’re interested in our puppies, please send an email to 

Thank you and Happy Holodays!

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