Sneak Peek Jazzy Litter

They are really getting cute and starting to move around and play with each other. They are also stepping off of the bed to pee and poop!

  Blenheim Male 

  Sable & White Female
  Solid Sable Female
  Golden Male
 Golden Female


We are coming up to puppy selection in about a week. Now is the time to start talking to me about this litter. Ask your questions. This is the current Waiting List. All the circles are those that have already emailed to let me know they are interested in this litter, or their selection fits one of the puppies in the litter. 

The order of selection is:



Kristen L






Kristen P


As always, if the color/gender combo isn’t right, or the timeline for bringing one of these babies home doesn’t fit in with your schedule, please let me know you would like to pass on the litter. They are 8 weeks old on August 5th and 13 weeks old on September 9th. 

The next litter is the Paige litter, just born last week with. Solid sable female, 2 sable/white males, and 2 solid sable males. And after that is Chantel, due in a couple weeks. 

I have received a few more deposits that have not been added yet. If we make it all the way through these names and there are still puppies available, those new deposits will be next.  
There is also a video of them on FB that I took this evening!