Paige Delivered

For everyone waiting to know what Paige had, before deciding if they are interested in a jazzy puppy, the results are in.

We woke up this morning to 5 gorgeous, solid, puppies. They are doing fine and Paige is being a good mama.

Here is what we have:

1 Solid Sable Female

2 Sable/White Males
(beautiful symmetrical faces and an even distribution of color over their bodies)

2 Solid Sable Males

For everyone waiting on a sable/white female, we will have to look forward to the Chantel litter. She is not very fat yet but I will keep everyone posted.

If you are interested in the color/gender combo in the Paige litter, you can let me know, though we won’t get into much detail till they are quite a bit older.

And now that we know what Paige had, let’s get the Jazzy pups matched to their forever families! I’ll post new photos and video this weekend.

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