Puppy Selection Sadie & Jesse Litters

Hi everyone, and especially those on my waiting list. It’s time for puppy selection on our current litters.

If you see your name on this list below, please take a look at the videos I’ve posted on FB and let me know if you’d like a pup from these litters, or you’d still like to wait for a future litter. I’ll let you all know how puppy selection is progressing.

There are 8 puppies available in the next 10 days. I know some will stay to be accelerated puppies but some will also go home at 8-9 weeks old. They all had their first shot today and they have already been weaned!

Can’t wait to see how they all get matched! Hope to hear from you all soon!









6 responses to “Puppy Selection Sadie & Jesse Litters

  1. They are just adorable. I would like to wait for a future liter. Really want a small female tricolor. I am more than happy to wait.

    Melanie Blawat 13th on the list.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. I’m looking for a large sweet female puppy, Blenheim or sable and white
    with a lot of white on the face and forehead. Do you breed any place in
    California? I would prefer to pick up the pup. Also, What is the cost of
    these dogs?
    Thank you, Barb

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