Still Here Update

I posted this darling puppy and had a LOT of interest but so far, she is still here.

I need a home that can take her by Tuesday, June 3rd. She is partly Accelerated in that we’ve been working closely with her and she is basically crate trained, walks on a leash, goes up and down stairs effortlessly, and rides successfully in a car without getting carsick. It was not my plan to keep her this long, but since the homes have not worked out, she is available for adoption again.

She is a feisty, spunky, energetic and playful puppy, bursting with personality. She is curious and busy and will do well in an active family. She will be small, up to 14 lbs is my guess.

I have a senior graduating next weekend and family has already begun arriving. I just can’t have a puppy in the house during this time. If you are interested in this puppy, please send us an email and we will consider all the potential homes and make a decision by Monday. I will want to ship her on Tuesday.

Her partly Accelerated price is $1300 (based on 11 weeks of age and 3 weeks of Accelerated training). Shipping will be an additional $375-425 depending on what part of the country you are in.

Thank you for considering this girl. She is a wonderful pup!





7 responses to “Still Here Update

  1. She is so cute. If I could come up with that type of money I would take her but funds are tight. Good luck.

  2. Hi there,

    We’ve been looking for a puppy for our 11 year old daughter and our neighbor recommended your kennel, she has an 11 month old male from your kennel. We are very interested in this girl, we have two senior dogs, a poodle and a rescue chinese crested powder puff. We are in Portland and would rather drive up to pick her up than have her shipped. If it works out, when is the latest we could come pick her up?

    Thank you,


  3. Kristy,

    Mickey, Ike, Roy and I would like to be considered to give the STILL HERE puppy a forever home.

    One thing you would need to take into consideration regarding us being chosen: We would want to drive up from Roseburg Oregon to pick her up rather than have her shipped. We would leave here as soon as possible once we knew we were the chosen ones, stay overnight with a relative in Seattle, and be up to get her the next day; so we might not be able to be there until Wednesday.

    Just in case, we have already named her DOTTIE J. My mom, Dorothy Johnson, lived with us for three years prior to her death a year ago. She always said if there really was such a thing as reincarnation she wanted to come back as one of my pets. My dad’s side of the family called my mom Dot. Thus the name Dottie J.

    Hope you have a moment to watch the attached video.

    Janet Palmer 265 Fairway Village Lane Roseburg, Oregon 97471 541-580-8144 Janet’s cell 541-580-8133 Roy’s cell 541-673-2100 home


  4. Is she still available? I’m in Canada though – it would mean having all the right paperwork done for shipping here. I guess you’d have to do that on your end?

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