Hi Everyone!

I had a great vacation in Canada, and I’m back safe and sound.  All the puppies are doing great, growing, and learning each day!

I just want to give an update on puppy availability, and a look into the spring and summer.  We currently have no puppies for sale, and all the current puppies have been matched to families.  We have a waiting list with about 10 people on it, and we have no  new puppies born.  This means we will need 2-4 litters to provide puppies to just those that are currently on the waiting list.

Our puppies are in high demand, and if anyone is reading this and on the fence about sending a deposit, I want to say, don’t wait.  The sooner you are on the list, the sooner your name will move up the list, and as things are going now, the only way to get one of our puppies is to get your name on that list.  They are sold essentially before they are born, so making a commitment with a deposit is the only way to guarantee a puppy in the next 2-6 months.

We also have some changes regarding shipping.  Due to puppy safety, and some new laws that are just around the corner, we will no longer be shipping puppies in cargo under the plane.  Anyone that wants a Silver Paw Cavachon will need to pick up their puppy in person, and for many, that means flying into Spokane and bringing the puppy back with you in the cabin.  This is a better way for the puppy to travel, not as stressful, and you get to meet your new family member face to face before taking him/her home!  We understand this may be financially difficult for some, but the reality is that it won’t cost that much more than shipping the puppy under the plane.

We are hoping for a couple new litters this spring, and even more in the summer, so stay tuned to this blog, and our Facebook page for updates!  Thank you to everyone for supporting us, sending us your updates, and being part of the Silver Paw family!  It really is a pleasure to work with so many amazing people from all over the country!