California Trip

Last chance for 1/2 price shipping to southern California. I am leaving Friday and puppies must get their Health Certificate tomorrow (Thursday). We have 3 puppies that could make the trip…Annie’s small red male, Lilly’s solid sable male, and an adorable purebred Bichon Frise male. I’d sure love to make a family happy with a new pup!

2 responses to “California Trip

  1. I have tried to contact you about getting on the waiting list for future litters but email returned. Hope to get you this way. Can you tell me the total cost of you puppies? I live in Bend Oregon and am excited to be on the list asap

  2. We visited you last summer to look at your Cavachons, but we decided to stay with the Bichon because we owned them for almost 30 years, We still have not found our dog, but I noticed you have a Bichon for sale. I can’t find a picture of him on your website. If you still have him, could you give me the particulars.
    Pat Hart

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