Mazel – A Note From Her Family

I love getting updates from the new puppy owners. Here is an update on Mazel, a Blenheim Cavachon puppy.

“Hi I thought I would send you an updated photo of the puppy. We named her Mazel which is Luck in Hebrew. She is doing very well and is almost completely housebroken. We had a few rough weeks with our older Cavachon Totie not being willing to even be in the same room as Mazel. As Mazel grew (she is now 7.8 pounds) Totie became less afraid of Mazel. They now run through the house together and even clean each other. Mazel also has several canine cousins that come to visit often.

So we are delighted with Mazel and here are two photos one of Mazel alone and one of Mazel and her sister Totie.

Thank you,
Barbara L”

Have a tail waggin’ day!! Kristy

One response to “Mazel – A Note From Her Family

  1. So lovely! We also have a Silver Paws Cavachon puppy (3 1/2 months) who has a great relationship with our kitten (9 months old and huge). Our puppy has just started ‘really’ telling us when he needed to go out; and we are delighted!

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