Two Layer Tacos

We finally ate something worth telling about!  This is a simple meal, but takes an old standard and gives it a new and fun twist!  I think I got the idea from Taco Bell, but I don’t remember for sure.

 First, take a warm corn tortilla…

 Then cover it with a thin layer of refried beans…

 Then wrap it around your warm, crunchy taco shell like an old, worn glove…

 It’s really easy to do…

 Then fill with all your favorite Taco fillings.  We like to use veggie beef crumbles in the hard taco (though on this day, we just put in more refried beans), lettuce, tomato, olives, cheese, sour cream…whatever you like to put in a taco…
 And enjoy!!! The beauty of wrapping the hard shell in a soft shell is that when you take that crunchy bite, nothing falls apart!  The hard taco crunches and may actually break, but the soft shell holds it all together!!   These are fun to make and fun to eat!!  
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