Last Puppies Until Spring/Summer

Hi Everyone!

On September 16, we decided to take a small break from breeding Cavachons for a few months. We knew some dogs had already been bred so we’ve been waiting for them all to be born, and I’m happy to announce that they are all here!

This post is going to share all of the puppies and let you know when they are ready to go home. There are three litters and a total of 14 puppies, nine girls and five boys.

I’m starting puppy selection November 13th for ALL THREE LITTERS since they are ready right before Christmas and puppy travel can be tricky over the holidays and during the winter months.

There is a very good chance I will be available to puppy nanny up to six puppies to Ontario, CA, around December 28 or 29 so I want to get the conversation started.


Mimi is a small Bichon and Duke is an average size black/tan Cavalier. This is an F1 litter. They were born October 11, and there are two gold females, one blenheim male, and a black/tan male. I expect this litter to be 15-20lbs as adults. They will be ready to go home December 6-13.


Surprise!! We were not expecting this litter and because she had just two pups, she did not really have a fat belly either. Emily is a blenheim Cavalier and Jester is the Bichon. This is her first litter! Both of these puppies are females. I expect this litter to be 15-20 lbs as adults. They will be ready to go home December 19-25.

5 days old


This is our final litter for 2022 and the last group of puppies before our break. They were born (mostly) October 26 (technically our solid sable sister was born Tuesday, but the rest came sometime early Wednesday morning so they are all getting the Wednesday bday date!).

Missy is a large black/tan Cavalier and Big Boy is a big Bichon. I expect this litter to be in the 17-23 lb range. There are eight puppies in this litter, three blenheim girls, a golden girl, and a solid sable girl (already matched). There are three boys in the litter, two blenheim and one black/white. These puppies will be ready for new homes December 21-27.

3 days old

I am taking names for all three litters. Please be aware that we will not be able to ship any of these puppies alone in cargo due to the cold weather and pet embargoes during the holiday season, so if you plan to get one of these puppies, you will need to either drive or fly into Spokane, WA, or meet me after Christmas in southern CA.

I will do my best to update pictures weekly. They will all be wormed 2-3 times and have their first shot before going home. We will take them all to the vet for a health certificate as well.

Please fill out the Waiting List Request form ( if you’d like to be added to a litter list. We will prioritize those families already on our main waiting list according to waiting list number. Please let me know if you have any questions.

We look forward to meeting the 14 special families that get matched with these puppies!!


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