A Few More Details

I forgot to say when I plan to call people about Jazzy’s litter. It will be this Friday beginning at 2pm pacific time. I’m happy to FaceTime at that time during the call.

I’ve had some trouble editing the waiting list. It won’t load properly so I have not been able to remove the names from the Scarlett litter or add new names to the physical list on the website. Be assured that if you sent a waiting list fee, you ARE on the waiting list even if your name isn’t actually there.

Tomorrow I’ll get on a computer and see if the website will be more cooperative from there. That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon with more pictures of the other litters.

2 responses to “A Few More Details

  1. Hi, I’m new to this but desperately wish to purchase this breed of puppies. I am 72 years old, live in a very nice 55+ community with lots of pet walkers! I have had 5 operations this year and now able to be out and about again, ready for a sweet little girl to walk with me and enjoy being cuddled. I would love very much to buy one of the girls from the Jazzy litter. Please contact me if possible. I appreciate a chance to purchase from you.

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