Litter Selection Updates

Hi Everyone,

The Olivia and Penny litters are live for puppy selection. We have 11 puppies and a total of six different families that are reaching out. This means there are still five puppies available to go home in August.

Here’s a peek at the waiting list numbers of who has reached out so far.

Penny has five pups, so still 3-4 available as one family here is also on the Olivia list.
Olivia has six pups, so still 1-2 available as one of the families on this list is also on the Penny list.

If you notice, #96 has filled out both lists but will only be getting one puppy.

Are you ready for a puppy in August? Here are the links for each litter if you’d like to be considered.

Penny Pups

Olivia Pups

I’ll be posting updated videos this coming week. They are toddling around now!!

AND, where is everyone from #1-86 on my waiting list?? There are available puppies!!!

2 responses to “Litter Selection Updates

  1. Can you tell me if Cavachons require professional grooming? I’ve had 2 Cavaliers and took care of all their grooming needs on my own. Also, would you be kind enough to let me know the price range of your puppies? You can just reply to me if you don’t wish to post it. Thank you.

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