Justyne Puppy Selection

Ok! I’m ready to get this process going!

First things first. I have misplaced my litter list for these puppies. If you had emailed me letting me know you were interested in this litter, I can’t find that list so I need you to shoot me a quick email so I can make a new list. The master waiting list is fine, I just don’t know who was ready for one of these pups. Send an email to silverpawcavachons@gmail.com to get back on Justyne’s litter list.

The Justyne pups are 5 weeks old. They will be ready to go home March 15. We really need these pups to leave between March 15-20 because this spring is crazy busy and we had quite a few new puppies born last week. Space is limited.

Puppy Matching Day for this litter will be Friday, March 6th. I want to call those that are interested in this litter after 12pm Pacific time that day. Please be available or make prior arrangements with me if you’d like to be considered for this litter. If I call you and we are not able to connect, I will move to the next family.

I hope to match all 6 puppies that day to those on my waiting list. I don’t care where you are on the waiting list, if you’re ready for a pup, and you see one here, reach out and let me know. As I mentioned earlier, there were 4-5 families that had already done this but I can’t find that list. Let’s compile it again and hopefully add a few more names!

There is a new video on Facebook of Justyne’s pups, and here are their pictures below. The color and gender will be listed under each photo.

Blenheim Male
Blenheim Female
Blenheim Male
Dark Golden Male
Sable & White Female
Black & White Male

I hope to do another video this coming Sunday and then maybe a couple more next week. They are in the cutest stage right now, playing with each other, growling, and exploring the food dish, toys, and everything they can get into.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kristy 🐶💕😍

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