Individual Puppy Lists

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just uploaded the videos of all the puppies on Facebook and I’ve organized the puppy lists.

I need to update the main waiting list, but I’m just going to post what I have and you can sort through it. The last few names are not in order but it gives everyone a general idea of where they are in the puppy selection order.

If your name is supposed to be on this list and you don’t see it, email me ASAP and we will get you properly added.

Here are the individual puppy lists. Please remember that if there are several people interested in the same puppy, I will order the names in waiting list order and contact people in that order for each puppy.

The parent names, date of birth, ready to go home date, and accelerated date are all listed with each litter. Also, the status of the litter, F1 for first generation, Bichon Frise, etc. is at the top, and the puppy colors and genders.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like to add your name to a puppy.

These litters are in order from oldest to youngest.

Maddie & Finn, F1

Sophia & Kingsley, F1

Pearlie & Rocky, F1

Allie & Rocky, F1

We also have two purebred Bichon Frise male puppies that will be available for adoption.

Please communicate via email at if you’d like to talk about the puppies.


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