Waiting List, Puppy Lists, and Videos

Hey Everyone!

I have Roll Call videos of the Scarlett and Roxy litters uploading now. Look for them on Facebook to see each puppy.

I also have the current master waiting list and both litter lists below. I’m afraid I could be missing info from some of you. I’ve tried to add everyone that I’ve received an email from, but due to people contacting me via email, text message, and comments on the blog, it’s easy for me to miss communication.

Please look over these lists and let me know if I’ve missed you. While there are names on every puppy, if you look closely, you’ll see that several people are pretty open and just want a current puppy so they’ve added their names to all the pups, or at least a few of them.

This means there are definitely available puppies. My waiting list has 46 people yet I’ve only heard from a handful of them. Please reach out if you’d like one of these pups.

Here is the Master Waiting List.

Scarlett’s List

Roxy’s List

As far as the timeline goes, I will be available after June 20 to meet with people. After that date I will be home for the summer and look forward to sending each of the puppies to their forever homes.

Here are the Scarlett Pups.

Here are the Roxy Pups

I decided to go ahead and link the videos here as well.

This spring has been so incredibly busy and I’ve been keeping my head above water since May when I went to CA to be with my mom. After this next week, things should get really calm and I should be more present with emails and responding to questions, etc.

Thanks for your patience and I hope to meet each of you very soon!!

Kristy 😊🐶💕

2 responses to “Waiting List, Puppy Lists, and Videos

  1. Have the golden girls been spoken for❓ l would be interested in the rounder face one. Ray & l are in our 70’s & live on 3/4 acre cenced yard. We have no animals now Our 17 yr. old golden passed 4 months ago. We would give it a fun, loving home❤

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