Patience With the New Puppy

Hey Everyone!

First, I wanted to let you know there are new videos up on our Facebook page of the Scarlett and Roxy litters. They are almost 5 weeks old and we are beginning the puppy selection process. Those on the waiting list, I need to hear from you if you’re interested in any of these pups.

Next, I wanted to share this thread from the Cavachon Forum on Facebook. This is one of our puppies. When I first started reading Mandy’s post I felt terrible that she didn’t get the puppy she dreamed about, but as I co tinier reading, my heart felt warm, happy, and proud.

Her story needs to be shared. Getting a puppy is hard work and results do t always come in a timely manner, or in the timeline we think should happen.

But patience pays off!! Enjoy her story!! 😊🐶💕

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