Dear Waiting List Members

I just sent this email to everyone on the waiting list. I’m posting here so nobody will miss this important information.

We have new puppies! Lots of them. And we have eager people joining the waiting list each day who are ready for puppies now.

I want to reach out to all of you already on the list and ask that you be sure and subscribe to the website By subscribing (and I know many of you have already done this), you will receive information about the current puppies and updates on the litters and availability of puppies directly into your inbox. Please be sure you have subscribed with an email that you check regularly.

With our first litter going on 6 weeks old, and all the other litters following closely with birth dates, the puppy selection and matching process is going to get intense, feel chaotic, and i need it to run smoothly. To achieve an efficient process for matching puppies, I will be communicating through the website via blog posts and not individually emailing each person until we are in the final stages of matching a puppy.

What this means practically is that I will call out to the waiting list via the blog when a litter is 5 weeks old. I’ll want you to email me with a yes to indicate if there is a pup you could be interested in or a no if you want to pass on a litter. If I don’t receive an email within 48 hours of my blog post, I’ll consider your answer to be a no.

This does not mean you are specifically choosing a puppy right then. Instead, it allows me to narrow the list down to just those families that are ready and see a pup from that particular litter that they could want.

I don’t have time to talk in detail about puppy personality until it is a puppy that you are actually in a position to be able to choose. With me working full time, this process cannot take days because we will run out of time, puppies will become older than 8 weeks old, and people will not have the proper time to line up the travel details.

I also want to let everyone know that I have lots of help this year with the daily socialization and basic care (food, water, poop) of the puppies and dogs, so my teaching job is not taking away from how we are raising the puppies.

Some of you have been on my waiting list for a long time and we have not touched base in months. This is my effort to reach out and connect again so I know how we can move forward.

Thank you for your time and please let me know that you received this email.


One response to “Dear Waiting List Members

  1. Sadly I no longer need a puppy — I hope my emailing you will make things easier for you — the puppies are so beautiful — I’ve been enjoying watching them!!

    Thanks so much!
    Angela Karklin

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