What a Week!

Eleven puppies went home this week!!  Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Virginia, and California all have new Silver Paw Cavachons!

This was the last that went home today to western WA. 

Look at his adorable brother “Smudge” that is still available!  

He weighed in at just 2lb 12oz when he was 8 weeks old, so if you’re looking for a small dog in the 10-15lb range, this is your boy!

We also have one more brother, a tad larger than Smudge, who is also available. I’ll post his photo in the next blog post. We are calling him “Bandit” for the full white band around his neck!

These two last black/white puppies are 9 weeks old Sunday and ready to go now. They went to the vet last Thursday and have Health Certificatea and are ready for travel. 

If you’re interested in Smudge or Bandit, please send an email to silverpawcavachons@gmail.com. 

These boys are affectionate and both love people!  They are available to anyone on or off the waiting list. 

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